The Gift Of Life


Written & Directed by
Kevin Knoblock

David N. Bossie
Kevin Knoblock

Governor Mike Huckabee

Executive Producer
Lawrence Kadish

Executive Producer
David Huckabee

Executive Producer
David N. Bossie

Supervising Producer
Tien Pasco

Dain Valverde

Director of Photography
Dain Valverde

Music by
Michael Josephs

Associate Producer
Lauren A. Fleming

Field Producer
JT Mastranadi


Four days after having the ultrasound depicted in this film, Kortney Blythe Gordon and her pre-born baby Sophy were killed in a tragic auto accident in Georgia. John Scharfenberger, a Students for Life co-worker also later died from his injuries in the same crash. Kortney was a gifted and tireless advocate in the pro-life movement. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her husband Benjamin, and the Blythe, Gordon, and Scharfenberger families.

Appearances by
Sandra Cano
Michael Clancy
Marjorie Dannenfelser
Carol Everett
Kortney Blythe Gordon
Benjamin Gordon
Kristan Hawkins
Rebecca Kiessling
Maria Lancaster
Jeff Lancaster
Anthony Levatino
Chet McDoniel
Miriam Pereira
James Robison
Lila Rose
U.S. Representative Chris Smith
Carol Tobias
U.S. Senator Roger Wicker
Charmaine Yoest

Post Production Supervisor
Dain Valverde

Assistant Editor
Jeanette Schaaf

Production Assistants
Chris Sandstrom
Jennifer Humphrey
Carrie Hunter

Clearance Coordinator
Lauren A. Fleming

Director of Production
Tien Pasco

Research Director
JT Mastranadi

Additional Photography
Roddy Belloch
James P. Brady
Nathan Clapp
Dave Duncan
Geoff Dunlap
Randy Hale
David Lowery
Dave Rakoczy
Allen Rosen

Assistant Camera
Martin Fancher
Jeanette Schaaf

Graphic Designer
Carol Hilliard

Sound Technicians
Margaret Alexander
Steve Baker
Adriano Bravo
Michael Boyle
Favio Claure
Jonathan Cohen
Toby Halbrooks
Ron Lehr
Carlos Licon
Fabianna Rife
Ray Woodhouse

Dean Hunt

Roddy Belloch
Frank Boykin III
Quinn Brown
Geoff Dunlap
Randy Hale
Jeremy Karnes
Ross Lee
Shawn Neary
Miriam Paredes
Gunner Rodgers
Steve Seitz
Mickey Thornell
Doug Wallick

Andrea Duchesneau
Cheri Buttrey-Jenkins
Carolyn Marie
Suzette Mariel
Shannon Pearson
Katherine Powell
Lisa Robinson
Laura Skelton
Faith Stansky

Field Producers
Margaret Alexander
Miriam Paredes

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Ott House Audio
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Cheryl Ottenritter

Robbie Carmen

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Michael Boos
Christian Berg

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Brendan McIntyre

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Carol Hilliard

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Alexa Coombs

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Maggie Reagan Bossie

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Dorry Marie
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Kyle Smith
Ronnie Smith
Elisha Lancaster
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Samantha Gates
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Rylan Mekilusky
Madison Park
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Shevonna Woods

Special Thanks
Susan Bossie
Randie Knoblock

Benjamin Gordon
Natalie D. Gordon
Julie Armas
Ted Shoop
Pastor John Carter
Isidora Mamani Zurita
Steve Baldwin
Susan Fullbright
Minister Steven Saul
Sybil Lash
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Sean Harrison
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Chris Whittle
Chuck DeMarsh

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