The Gift Of Life


Dear Friend,

Our Founding Fathers began with the idea that our most basic rights come from God, who created us, and not from the whims of a civil government. The purpose of government, in their view and in mine, is to protect and preserve those basic rights, not to create them or grant them. Those rights transcend government itself.

The two principles that I think can and should guide us and our country are self-government and the value of life. This is the foundation for the culture of the sanctity of life.

My own pro-life journey took place in the early 1970s shortly after the January 1973 Roe v. Wade decision was handed down by the United States Supreme Court. By the time I had finished college, in December 1975, I had begun to understand that the decision was a radical departure from the norms of our culture and law.

Over the years, I’ve come to believe that this was far more than one of many political issues that needed to be won through legislative and judicial battles. The right to life is a moral issue that can’t be taken from you and should not vary from state to state.

All other issues pale in comparison to whether we respect and honor others in the same way we want to be treated. Contempt and indifference toward any life can become contempt and indifference toward every life, including yours or mine. We have to embrace the culture of life.

By honestly and openly expressing my beliefs, I’ve hoped to foster an environment where we can discuss these all important issues in a civil manner. And it seems to have worked, even for those who hold vastly different views than mine.

My heartfelt beliefs on the value of life – all life at any age, have brought into my path a remarkable number of people who’ve told me stories that changed me forever:

Personal stories about lives that may not have been, but for a last minute decision by a mother to allow her child to be born.

Stories of everyday people, who’ve undergone changes of heart.

Stories of determination, and of the importance of every life.

And stories that remind us that life begins at conception.

These stories are all around us. They help us define the culture of life. And they are all told in this powerful film.

Please join us in celebrating The Gift Of Life by ordering the film today!

Yours In Life,

Governor Mike Huckabee

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